The trustees based in Cardiff, North Wales and Cumbria


Photo of Maggie Beecher

Maggie Beecher Founder and Chairman
Maggie went on holiday to Zambia in 2002. After seeing the poverty and learning the facts she sent out a 40ft
container full to the brim with school equipment from closing South Wales schools, then applied for charitable
status for Teacher Aid.
Maggie has been an active member of charities, driving trucks of aid to Belarus, Bosnia and latterly Kosovo.

She runs strength and balance classes for the elderly in Cardiff

She has retired from a prestigious catering business but now mostly uses her professional skills to maximise
Teacher Aid's fundraising efforts.

Tel: 029 2076 4440
Mob: 07974 809048


See some of the work of Maggie Beecher at the Nsobe Community School



Mike Papadacos

Mike Papadacos Treasurer

Mike has been a volunteer since 2009 looking after the website and all technical aspects of the charity. He became a trustee in December 2018 and he takes care the finances of the charity..

Mob: 07970879895


See some of the work of Mike Papadacos at the Nsobe Community School




Phot of Keigth Smith

Keith Smith

Keith recently joined Teacher Aid and is an experienced fundraiser due to his previous experience as a volunteer with other charities.

From 2012 Keith has been visiting Zambia regularly with many groups and working with numerous projects to improve the lives and well being of the Zambian people.

He has visited and supported the Nsobe Community School at numerous times over the years.


See some of Keith's work at the Nsobe Community School




Phot of Judy Jamieson

Judy Jamieson

Judy, is a civil servant who has supported various missions in the Ivory Cost, Peru, Hungary and Zambia where she taught children in the Nsobe Community School basic sign language. Judy is hard of hearing and she supports a church for the Deaf in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Mold, North Wales which she attends and where deaf people get the opportunity to communicate in their own language.

Mob: 07989734187

See some of Judy's  work at the Nsobe Community School




Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster, is a Psychotherapist based in the Yorkshire Dales and during her visit to Zambia with a Soapbox trip in 2019 her background and experience in mental health has been of great benefit to NGOs,groups of adults and older children.
Whilst there Sarah fell in love with the Vision and Passion that Nsobe School has for equipping their students in Mental Wellbeing and also was overjoyed at the opportunity to develop Mental Health and wellbeing at Nsobe. Sarah will be a real asset to us as our newest Trustee.

Mob: 07568336094




David Pedwell

David Pedwell our main volunteer

David is a retired executive Primary School Headmaster. He has experience in linking international schools with welsh schools.
Global Citizenship is part of the curriculum. He has become a valuable asset of our charity by advising and guiding the Headmaster and teachers of Nsobe Community School.




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