Teacher Support

We fund the salaries of the dedicated teachers making quality education accessible to many children. We at Teacher Aid believe good and understanding teachers are one of the keys to unlocking the doors of poverty and are passionate about supporting them as they support their students – the ripple effect is huge

Secondary and Primary School

Solar Computer Labs

We have set up a Secondary Solar Powered Computer Lab and a Primary Audio visual room (with thanks for a Wales for Africa Grant) which doubles as a computer room giving students vital access to computer learning – A first in the area. We take out donated laptops from our supporters to be used in the school.

Projects Computer lab-min

Safe House for Vulnerable Girls

We are passionate able girl’s education and have built a Safe House for girls enabling the most vulnerable girls a safe, nurturing and protected environment in which to flourish free from neglect and pressures of early marriages, enabling them to complete school and gain an educated control over their futures.

School Bus Donated for Exposure Trips

We have donated a school bus so that students can go on field trips to learn about industry and life outside of remote rural village. Education is so much more than sitting in class. We have also donated and a car for logistics

Vocational Classrooms

Together with an Allan and Nesta Ferguson Grant and The Watford Chapel vocational workshops are being built. These workshops will teach practical hands on skill acquisition of carpentry and sewing/tailoring – training students in vocational skills that will enable them to earn incomes. Soon all school and lodge furniture, school uniforms, and female hygiene products plus so many other things will be produced onsite, providing sustainable income generating business streams both for the good of the school and the students.

Female Hygiene Support

In rural areas menstruating girls have to stay at home as they have no access and can’t afford Sanitary products. Teacher Aid Volunteers brought out Days for Girls reusable sanitary packs and trained community ladies and Nsobe Students how to make these reusable packs for themselves and the greater community and other sewing products for income generation

Jungle Gyms

Teacher Aid supporters (with special thanks to FellHouse, Appletree Schools) have fundraised to build playgrounds so that children can have fun and stimulate gross motor skills. There are no parks, playgrounds or even a patch of lawn anywhere in the district

Feeding Scheme and OVC Support

450 Children are fed daily and nutritionally supported. Teacher Aid also offers further OVC support and Teacher Aid volunteers bring out donations of much needed clothing and underwear, stationery, shoes and many other items

School Building Support

We funded teacher’s accommodation, classroom development, ongoing school maintenance and water development.

Future Projects:

More Safe Houses for Vulnerable Girls – Secondary School Library – Secondary Boarding Facilities – Tertiary Bursary Support – Natural Resources College