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Covid-19 has disrupted all educational establishments in Zambia. With Nsobe Community School is also included Nsobe Game Camp that also provides for the running of the infrastructure of the school.
Volunteers can no longer visit the school to do various projects such as, building, teaching and badly needed solar and IT. This has also a profound effect on the income of the Game camp that had to be closed and all employees are out of work with no income to feed their families. Nevertheless, the building projects planned for the next year's classes have to be completed, funding has to be found as well as labour to complete four classrooms including the vocational workshops that have been planned necessary for the 2021 academic year, that would otherwise been done by friends and volunteers of the school.
We know that these are difficult times yet we have to rely on the kindness of our supporters and friends, but just in case if you are able to help futher, or know of someone who might be able to do so, please just our Fundraising page. Thank you!

Watch the updated video about Nsobe Community School TA and NTS YouTube video

Nsobe Community School is an African school with a difference. Living in a country with a dire rural education system, Fiona Tomlinson believes in offering not only a full education up to tertiary level in the 3 R's, but also in health and social matters, life skills, and most importantly a quality, Christian based education with employment opportunity. Class numbers are 25 - 30. Teachers are advised by a retired senior Welsh Headmaster

We are proud to present the September 2019 Newsletter from the Nsobe Community School which you can download HERE and be amazed by the progress and standard of the school. Quality education is given but it also needs financial support.

In Rural Zambia there are not enough schools. There was no school accessible to the children in this area of the Copperbelt. Ninety percent of the children's parents are illiterate and live way below the poverty line. To offer hope and the chance of an educated future Nsobe Community School was started in 2009 by Fiona Tomlinson.
Having started with a few children in her home, there are now over 380 pupils, from Reception to Grade 11, ( 4th year Secondary) led by a great Head and taught by 19 dedicated teachers. Secondary pupils have the choice of vocational and academic streams. There is a daily feeding scheme.

Nsobe Community School will grow a Grade a year until reaching Grade 12 , the Government is generous in supporting further education leading to businesses, jobs and professions. Nsobe will encourage careers in natural resources development and job creation in a fertile land, which if managed well and financed, could feed Africa, again, a well known fact that together with its southern neighbour Zimbabwe could become the bread basket of Africa once again.

The school has no electricity apart from an old generator, used on emergencies, which frequently breaks down and is very expensive to run. In November 2018 Teacher Aid funded the installation of a full solar system for the computer room, the electrics, the required benches, as well as the installation and commissioning of a 16 computer network with RACHEL PI educational software loaded on the Raspberry Pi server. We are told this is the only community school with computers in the area of the Copperbelt and maybe the best in Zambia! It is an absolute necessity for the secondary education of the school which has reached grade 10 with excellent results at the national exams - 100% pass rate. Now, with the access to Wikipedia etc most are expected to pass to attend College or University.

The fundraising for the solar system and computer installations came after endorsements to that effect were submitted by the Roath Park Primary School as well as the education department of the district.

The school is one of very few in Zambia offering a total and extended private and caring education to disadvantaged children at a very low cost.

Nsobe Community School is hugely successful and the standard is far beyond that of the State Sector. In many other rural areas Teacher Absenteeism is 45% and many kids leave primary school unable to read and write! After Primary most of these children cannot afford to continue to Secondary, so go back to their villages with no job prospect. Nsobe is different!

More information about Nsobe Community School can be found on nsobetrustschool.com