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Watch our video of the Nsobe Community School. The start to present date TA and NTS YouTube video
Here also is The Teacher Aid Newsletter showing the progress of all the schools we support
in Zambia.

Teacher Aid is a charity of 5 volunteers with a pledge to help orphans and vulnerable children gain access to quality local schooling.

Our work is in Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world, where HIV Aids and Malaria is rife and the standard of education is very poor. There are insufficient state schools. Government teachers usually have huge numbers of pupils, teach in shifts and they are not always dedicated to their jobs.The Government does NOT pay for Teacher training.

We know we cannot change all of Africa, but believe the 1200 children already being given a chance by us to be literate, numerate, learn health care, learn about business and the wider world is of great benefit. At least some of them could help their own country become more prosperous. The teachers we support look upon teaching as a dedication and are wonderful individuals.


It is our belief that the private sector has a role to play in the education of poor children. The economy is denied valuable human resources, children's potential is wasted and their lives are committed to poverty and inertia. We would hope that at least some of the children we help to educate, who have a nutritious meal a day and fun while they are learning, will one day be able to contribute to the development of their own beautiful country; a country with huge potential, natural resources, plenty of water, great game parks and patient, smiling people.

We provide funding for buildings, children's education, essential equipment, food and teachers. Please help us to help these disadvantaged children by joining the support fund of your chosen school.

Every penny raised will be for them only, as we bear all our own costs!