Alleviating poverty, empowering girls and transforming communities through quality education.

At Teacher Aid, we are passionate about education. We wish to ensure that the vulnerable children in the rural Zambian communities we support have access to transformative education. We are equipping them with quality learning and the life skills needed to access professional employment or to create their income and dignified futures through vocational and entrepreneurial skills.

Our mandate is to support and equip Zambian teachers to raise the level of education and care. By supporting well trained local teachers, who come from the grassroots themselves… As well as understanding the culture and challenges of poverty from within, we can impact a much larger number of children especially girls, who, until now have had little chance of anything but motherhood. Through uplifting communities and stimulating change by engaging with Zambia’s undeveloped human resources, potential from within is being realised.

Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life – Nelson Mandela

Alleviating poverty

Nsobe Community School

Nsobe Community School is a school with a difference in remote rural Zambia, offering a life changing education and hope to the community’s vulnerable children.

Our Work

Teacher Aid aims to play a small part in alleviating poverty through offering quality life changing education in rural Zambia.